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About LiverpoolSU Advisory Panel

Students on our LiverpoolSU Advisory Panel give time each month to help us plan our services, improve our events and get things right for the LJMU population.

We send each Panel member a monthly survey link, to give us their straight and honest opinion on a number of questions.

That’s all we ask.

We might also invite Advisory Panel members to talk to us about other things or attend special planning events – but all those are entirely optional. We know only some members will have time to do that as well.

We thank all members of our Advisory Panel by adding their name to this Wall of Fame. Acknowledging their commitment to enhancing student life.

Or, if you want to give us your views but don't want your name here then that's fine - we'll check with you first.

To sign up, just complete the form here and we'll be in contact.

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