How We Are Run

LiverpoolSU – It Starts With You

Liverpool Students’ Union represents all LJMU students. As a student, you are central to deciding how the organisation is led and the priorities we commit to achieve.

Democratic Processes

Each year we give you the chance to vote in our annual Officer elections; our four successfully elected Officers are paid a salary, work full-time within LiverpoolSU and are responsible for the day to day running and decision making. They also sit on the LiverpoolSU Trustee Board, which is our overall governing body.

We give you the opportunity to not only vote, but to stand for election yourself if you have great ideas and think you would make a good Officer - any student can do this either part way through your course or during your final year to take up the position when you graduate.

You can also stand for election as one of our National Union of Students (NUS) Delegates. These positions represent LJMU students at the National Conference each April.

Your student leaders

You can contact your LiverpoolSU Sabbatical Officers at any time. They have been elected to represent you and welcome suggestions on improvements that could be made to students’ experiences of the University, Union or wider student life in the City. If you think there should be a campaign on a particular issue that affects students – then you can suggest it. You can find their contact details in our Get In Touch section.

Have Your Say

At any point during your time at LJMU, you can get involved in our 'Have Your Say' online discussions. Our "Have Your Say" Chairs will invite comment and debate on key topics that matter to LJMU students.

You can attend any of our 'Have Your Say' Conference events. Here your Sabbatical Officers present progress reports on their work and it’s an opportunity for you to make comments and suggestions and steer future action. The Conference events also provide a chance for you to discuss important issues with other students; leading to the Students’ Union taking up new work on your behalf.

You could put yourself forward to be one of the Have Your Say Chairs. You would lead the Have Your Say online discussions and Conferences - facilitating debate and ensure the students who attend get full opportunity to question your Sabbatical Officers. As a Have Your Say Chair, you would also have a place on our Trustee Board.

You can also get information at the first Have Your Say Conference to help you decide on who you want to vote for in our volunteer positions called Campaigners. Campaigners get support from LiverpoolSU to take forward a priority initiative or campaign, representing a particular group of students, such as mature students; international students; women students.

Keep an eye on our website and social media for more information as our Have Your Say events approach.




Come and talk to us

You have the opportunity to give LiverpoolSU ideas and feedback when your Officers and Union staff are GOATing (Go Out And Talk). We spend as much time as we can each week in different locations asking you what you think. You'll see our miniSU staff at our various contact points around campus locations.

You give us invaluable feedback on how we’re doing every November in our Big Student Survey and we take notice of every response we get to our other surveys and questionnaires through the year.

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