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LiverpoolSU is governed by a Board of Trustees, who ensure that LiverpoolSU is operating properly and in the best interest of students. The Board meets at least 6 times a year in open meetings which any student can attend, apart from when it discusses staffing or commercially sensitive matters.

If you would like to attend one of our board meetings and see how decisions are made then please feel free to contact the board secretary whose details you can find near the bottom of this page.

There are currently 10 members of the Trustee Board. Sabbatical Officers and Student Trustees take 7 places on the trustee board, along with 3 Community Trustees. The Community Trustees are volunteers from high profile outside organisations who add knowledge and expertise to what we do.

Trustees are also accountable to the Charity Commission and ensure we make sound financial decisions, obey the law and respond to the needs of all students.

Responsibility for day to day operations are delegated to the Students’ Union Chief Executive and staff team.

Our current Trustees are:

Yasmin Ibrahim, President (and Chair of Trustee Board)

As Chair of the Board, Yasmin heads the meeting and goes through the agenda facilitating the discussions at the meetings as well as helping to decide what needs to be discussed at each meeting. She ensures that the decisions we make are in the best interests of all students, and considers how they will impact on all the different types of students here at LJMU.  







Jean McLean, Community Trustee

Jean’s background is campaigning and communication, she has spent years in youth sector encouraging people to create the change that they want to see in the world.

In her past role she has developed people powered campaigns to create change for children in the UK and other countries and implements the infrastructure to deliver on these objectives. Despite being a political geek she makes time to watch Liverpool Football Club and go for the odd run. As the vice chair of the trustee board she is interested in how we can best represent and empower students at Liverpool Students’ Union.  



Mark Hodgson, Programme Manager at Smaller Earth Group, Community Trustee


Marks background is in both youth and business development. He currently runs a programme called Another Level that helps young people to start their dream business. He has started companies, worked for start-ups and is a Trustee for the local charity Awesome Liverpool. Before this, he worked in the travel sector for Smaller Earth and Camp Leaders after spending 10 years traveling. He spent 7 summers in the US, a couple of years in Australia, and also spent time in Kenya, Fiji, Hawaii and across Europe which led to him writing a book about his experiences.





Rachael Smart, Vice President Activities


Rachael is an LJMU graduate who studied Drama and was elected as the Vice President of Activities in March 2017. She previously worked as a student staff member for the Students' Union and was President of the Comedy Society in her third year. She loved working for students in this way and is excited about her role as an Officer Trustee in the year ahead. 







  Howisha Charlery, VP Community Engagement










Angelina Cliff, Vice President Academic Quality


Angelina has recently graduated LJMU with a degree in Drama and Creative Writing and was elected Vice President of Academic Quality during the student officer by-election in June 2017. She is keen to improve the educational experience at university and is very passionate about enhancing equality, diversity and inclusion. She would love to hear ideas and get feedback from students about their time at LJMU, or just meet for a cup of tea and a chat. In her spare time, Angelina loves to act in short films and plays, as well as writing poetry and prose, travelling, cooking food for her friends and binge watching Netflix.






Rob Morris, Student Trustee















Rob Johnson, Student Trustee















Emma Thompson, Student Trustee

Emma has been the course rep for her course since starting at LJMU in 2015. She also has experience of being on a society committee meaning that she has experience of working for the best interest of students which she hopes to continue through her role on the board. Emma is also interested in helping people however she can, so feel free to say hi if you see her!


Away from university, Emma enjoys visiting and walking along the waterfront, photography, socialising with friends and playing/watching football, particularly Liverpool FC and local non-league team, AFC Telford United.






Wendi Bestman, Strategic Performance Improvement Consultant, Community Trustee

Wendi has extensive experience as a trustee, having served as a chair, treasurer and director on a number of boards in a variety of third sector organisations. She has worked as a strategic performance improvement consultant for many years, helping organisations to develop and enhance their approaches to advancing equality, inclusion and human rights in the context of people and organisational development, cultural change management, service delivery, stakeholder and community engagement.

Outside of professional pursuits, Wendi enjoys an eclectic mix of activities, including experimental baking and cooking, writing poetry and prose, making and listening to music, adventurous walks, even more adventurous debates and discussions, traveling in mind, body and spirit!!, circuit training/yoga.

Wendi is passionate about many things, challenging injustice, cruelty and championing fairness and equality; this is just a snapshot of what engages and enrages Wendi due to her experience in working in many communities across the UK on issues of poverty, housing, homelessness, asylum, adoption and fostering and mental health.  Wendi is always keen to do what she can to support individuals and groups to recognise and embrace their infinite potential and she does what she can with the groups she collaborates with to create healthy places for people to work, rest and play.


The Board is serviced by Phil Benton, the Interim LiverpoolSU Chief Executive, and you can contact the Board through its Secretary Jenny Kelly:

If you are interested in finding out more about governance and the role of trustees then there is lots of information on the following websites:

Charity Commission

Know How Non-Profit


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