Leave Liverpool Tidy

As a resident of Liverpool, there's loads you can do to ensure your community is a clean place that everyone can enjoy. 

Leave Liverpool Tidy is a reduce, reuse, recycle project which aims to lower the amount of reusable items going to landfill across Merseyside.

When Liverpool students move out of their accommodation over summer and clear out items they no longer want, lots of waste is created. But it’s not waste, as most of it can be re-used or recycled. This is where Leave Liverpool Tidy steps in to collect, sort and redistribute items.

Leave Liverpool Tidy is a year round project run by LiverpoolSU and Liverpool Guild of Students. 


  1. Reuse - Find out how you can give your stuff a second chance. You could even make some money while you're at it!
  2. Recycle - When you can't reuse, then you should recycle. Find out where and what to recycle here.
  3. Remove - Sometimes things just have to be binned. We have some useful info on local tips and waste collection.

If you live in Smithdown, Kensington or in the City Centre, click here to find your nearest donation point.

For more information on the Leave Liverpool Tidy project, speak to one of your Community Reps or email LeaveLiverpoolTidy@ljmu.ac.uk.

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Registered Office: Liverpool Students' Union, John Foster Building, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, L3 5UZ.
Registered Charity Number: 114 2741